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Time is TBD


Myanmar (Burma)

The Voyage℠ Self-Reflection Retreat 2021

A 7-Day Retreat Let's understand ourselves more deeply for our family, friends and business. - For your life from now on - 'renew, restore, rediscover'.

The Voyage℠ Self-Reflection Retreat 2021
The Voyage℠ Self-Reflection Retreat 2021

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Myanmar (Burma), Myanmar (Burma)

About the event

In our busy lives it is hard to find time for serious, quiet reflection. But to fail to look closely at the reality of our lives is to ignore what Reality can teach us. This retreat provides an unusual opportunity to step back and examine your life. The retreat help individuals to understand themselves by looking into their past actions and experiences. It is the training of "Awareness." The mind will become richer through the training of "Awareness," and you will come to love others and nature more.

Some effects of the retreat are:

  • Training of mindfulness
  • Find peace with things that happened in the past
  • Understand and overcome negative feelings and reactions
  • Behave in a more constructive manner
  • Discover new possibilities
  • Understand others better
  • Have warmer relationships
  • Develop trust in oneself and in others
  • Take more responsibility in life
  • Freedom of action
  • Happiness

The result is the discovery of your inner self and a clearer life meaning. Each human being is unique. That's why the effects of the retreat are always a very individual experience. The retreat teaches us to see the world as it is and not as we might wish it to be.

Here are some reasons why people attend the retreat:

  • Understand oneself better
  • Understand others better
  • Find a solution to a difficult situation (e.g. problems with partnership, difficult working situation, illness...)
  • Prepare for a new situation (e.g. new job, marriage, moving to another town, retirement...)
  • Have a close look on one's conduct of life with regard to one's spiritual or religious belief
  • Wish to change something in one's life in order to find happiness

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