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Areas of Expertise

Work With Me

Your emotional, sexual and spiritual health and happiness is important! I understand that we are complicated beings and our issues are often confusing. With a diversity of specialty areas, I can provide help with most adolescent and adult issues with which you are struggling. There is help for individuals, couples, families and groups.

What I Treat

We are all unique in our makeup, our symptoms and our pain. Given my skillset and experience, I take pride in my ability to offer treatment for a wide variety of psychological issues and challenges. As a psychologist, and behavioural health specialist, I make available help for general psychological concerns, anxiety & mood disorders, divorce counselling, trauma recovery, sex and process addictions, infidelity & betrayal and grief & loss.

  • Addictions (Sex, Pornography, Alcohol and Drug)

  • Substance Abuse

  • Anxiety & Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Depression, and Bi-polar)

  • Trauma Recovery (Trauma, PTSD and Dissociation)

  • Relationship Issues (Divorce, Infidelity & Betrayal)

  • Grief & Loss

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